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There’s a lot of conversation surrounding stress and mental health on college campuses and workplaces. Articles featuring stats like the “Top 50 Most Stressed Colleges” (self-reported by students) are widely shared and even worn as a badge of pride by college students. There’s an unspoken competition between students to see who can survive on the least amount of sleep in an effort to gain sympathy or respect.

I was on a team of six people working to turn the conversation around to focus on happiness. This is not an effort to cover up reality with a fantasy world filled with rainbows and singing birds, but to bring awareness to how happiness can affect us and to change the culture surrounding it. Our New Media senior team project consists of two parts: collecting self-reported happiness data around campus for 1 month, and showcasing the results of our experiment on the day of Imagine RIT. This yields a few very interesting things. Subconsciously, it forces participants to take an introspective survey of their happiness, both in the moment, and in the long term.

The anonymous and publicly available data can be used by administration or a campus health center to gain valuable insight on the student population and is easily compared to demographics, location, weather, and other external factors.

We are truly excited about our idea’s potential to do real good in a real setting with real people. This brings the opportunity to blend our skills with digital design with installation work and physical design.

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