New Media Design x Industrial Design


Metaproject is an annual RIT Industrial Design senior class that partners with a company in industry to create a product according to a provided brief. In Spring 2016, the industrial design students became pseudo-clients for my New Media Design: GUI class. Their products were to be showcased at New York Design Week and we were tasked with creating companion iPad experiences for their products.

I was in a team of four designers that concepted, designed, and coded a solution to be adapted to two ID students' products. I followed a team lead role, helped define our concept and UX, fine-tuned the visual design, and coded the entire thing in HTML/CSS.


Industrial design students

Team members



One month


As an entire class, we defined three main approaches our design solutions could take, but as a group we had to decide which approach to take and why. As designers, and especially as students, we felt it was most important to highlight the journey the industrial designers went on before arriving at their final destination.

Product centered Journey centered Collaboration centered

These are some of the sketches I contributed when trying to establish how to organize our content into sections. I also sketched out some transitions for how a central static element in the middle of the page evolves from one section to the next as the user traverses the process.


I didn't do these wireframes, but they're derived from our group's UX sessions.

  • Font and colors
  • Style references

    Keywords: bold, minimal, geometric, modern, contrast, whitespace

Final design

I hand-coded the final designs using a plugin called Skrollr to animate elements controlled by the scroll position. Due to time and technical constraints, it is a non-responsive design made to be viewed on an iPad or in a frame on a larger screen. View the live experiences below.


This was the first time working on a team project for a client, even if the client didn't have as much stake in it as we did. Having the manpower to split up the parts of the design process made it easier to put more care into each part. I wish we had more team projects in the curriculum, but we are all at a good skill level to start doing that.